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Press release following the 106th Government session


The Government of the Republic of ka Srpska adopted today during its 106th session the Plan for the use of funds to encourage rural development in 2021 within the total amount of BAM 75,000,000.00.

The funds are intended to support current agricultural production in the amount of BAM 53,800,000, long-term development for which purpose the amount of 15,200,000 is planned and systemic measures in the amount of 6,000,000.

The Government adopted the Information on the current situation with regard to the production and marketing of beef and pork meat in the Republic of Srpska prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of a Srpska.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska has proposed that the Council of Ministers of BiH introduces the protective measures on imports of fresh and chilled beef and pork meat pursuant to the Law on Foreign Trade Policy and the Decision on Measures of Protection of Domestic Production from Excessive Imports and based on the Stabilization and Association Agreement between the EU Member States on one part and BiH on the other.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska passed the Decision on approval of funds for social care of workers in the amount of BAM 2,237,702.39.

These funds will be used for payment of contributions for pension and disability insurance and unemployment insurance for 1,238 workers from 31 companies who lost their jobs in the process of bankruptcy or liquidation of companies in which they worked.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska approved the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Road Traffic Safety of the Republika Srpska

The reasons for adoption of this law are related to the need to have more precise regulation of certain areas as required by practice and to regulate the use of new vehicles in traffic.

This Law prescribes more precisely and expands the scope of work of the Traffic Safety Agency in the part related to the planning of measures for the improvement and enhancement of the traffic safety situation. In this regard, the application of the audit procedure during the preparation of project documentation is regulated in more detail, as well as the inspection of public roads from the aspect of traffic safety.

With the aim of having easier and safer movement of motor vehicles, movement of vehicles in the intersection with the roundabout is prescribed, and the provision on driving behaviors considered to be violent driving has been amended.

Considering that light personal electric vehicles have been included in traffic, the law prescribes their categorization, conditions and the way of their movement on public surfaces.

The provisions on the cases when a vehicle can be parked on the sidewalk have been amended, as well as the control of the presence of alcohol or narcotics with pedestrians.

In addition to the above, the amendments refer to regulating the costs when a police officer comes to the spot to investigate a traffic accident with minor material damage and when the participants in the accident refuse to fill in and sign the European accident report form while the costs are borne by the participant who requests the police to come to the place of accident.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska has accepted the Information on the use of electric cars with a proposal of measures in order to increase the number of electric cars.

The Government has noted that the existing regulatory framework in the field of direct and indirect taxes, procurement fees, use and registration of vehicles, spatial planning and infrastructure, does not allow a significant increase of electric cars in use and changing of those regulations was necessary to create circumstances and incentives to increase the number of electric cars in use.

The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology and the Ministry of Transport and Communications have been commissioned to propose changes to those regulations in order to create facilitations for the procurement and use of electric cars.

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