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Press release following the 115th session of the Government of Republic of Srpska


The Government of the Republic of Srpska held its 115th session in Banja Luka today (April 1,2021) chaired by the Prime Minister Radovan Višković.

The Government adopted the Information on realization of projects using the funds of the Clearing Debt as of March 1, 2021. According to the agreement on regulation of the obligations of the former USSR according to the settlements related to the trade with the former SFRY, the Republic of Srpska received the amount of 36.3 million US dollars of clearing debt, i.e. BAM 60 million.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska has directed the largest part of the amount of BAM 56.6 million paid to the improvement of traffic, economic, educational, health, communal, sports, cultural and administrative infrastructure in the municipalities and cities of the Republic of Srpska which will inevitably lead to higher quality of public services in those communities. Also, funds have been allocated for strengthening the capacity of the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior and improving irrigation conditions in the agricultural sector through the relevant ministry as well as for the renovation and construction of Orthodox facilities.

Conclusive by March 1, 2021, 107 projects have been approved out of which 94 projects have been fully implemented, another 12 projects are in the implementation phase while one project is in the preparatory phase.

​At today's session, the Government of the Republika Srpska passed the Decree on the procedure of allocation of funds to caterers who provide accommodation services, travel agencies and art performers to recover the financial loss due to the consequences of coronavirus pandemic for the period October-December 2020.

The aim of the Decree is to provide support for maintaining liquidity to enterprises that perform catering activities in accommodation facilities, travel agency activities and performing arts, and which, given the current epidemiological situation, have been affected by the harmful consequences due to lower business activities.

Enterprises that meet the requirements prescribed by the Regulation will be paid taxes and salary contributions for each full-time employee or entrepreneur who is not a contributor or beneficiary of pension rights, in accordance with the regulations governing the area of ​​contributions and income tax for the period October - December 2020.

Also, the Government of the Republic of Srpska passed the Decision on declaring the Nature Park "Prača", which declares the protected area of ​​the canyon valley of the river Prača with the caves of Govjestica and Banja Stijena, as a Nature Park, Category V with protected landscapes. The main values ​​of the Nature Park "Prača" are the canyon valley of the river Prača with numerous underground forms of karst relief and the most important are the cave system Govještica which with a length of 9,870 meters is the longest cave in Republic of Srpska and the cave Banja Stijena which is characterized by exceptional richness and variety of cave decorations. A significant number of endemic and rare species are present in the Prača canyon. The reasons for this decision are related to nature conservation and aspiration to base  the management of the protected area on establishment of harmonious relationships between the needs of nature protection and human activities. Nature Park "Praca" is located in the municipality of Rogatica, in a total area of ​​4,067.89 ha. A protection regime of II and III degree is being established on the entire surface of the Prača Nature Park. The management of the Nature Park "Prača" is entrusted to the Public Forestry Company "Forests of Republic of  Srpska", Regional company "Sjemeć" in Rogatica.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska passed a Decision on implementation of optimization of administrative procedures and formalities.

This decision determines the competent bodies, the scope of implementation and activities necessary for the implementation of the Project for optimization of administrative procedures and formalities at the national level. The aim of this Decision is to simplify or abolish administrative procedures and formalities in order to improve the business environment and increase the level of investments.

The project primarily includes formalities registered on the Single Business Contact Point website and simplification of administrative procedures and formalities includes the following: elimination of the need to submit documents and data where official records are kept, if the conditions permit, abolition or reduction of administrative fees and charges, unification of several administrative procedures and formalities, implementation of administrative procedures electronically, shortening the deadline for the competent authority to act, extending the validity of formalities, other types of simplifications that contribute to reducing the administrative burden for entities interested in obtaining formalities. 

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