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Press release following the 54th Government session


​The Government of the Republic of Srpska, today, during its 54th session held in Banja Luka approved allocation of funds in the total amount of BAM 367,481.08 to the Secretariat for Displaced Persons and Migrations from the position: transfers to local self-government units for financing the return to Republic of Srpska in the amount of 287,481.08 and capital grants to finance the return to the Federation of BiH in the amount of 80,000.00.

The funds will be used for implementation of various projects related to construction and reconstruction of road infrastructure, water supply and sewage networks in local communities.

The Government adopted the Information on Activities undertaken to provide conditions for the launching of the 2019/2020 Winter Tourist Season in Jahorina Mountain and urged all competent bodies and authorities to undertake specific measures within their jurisdiction which are territorially tied to the location of the Jahorina Ski Resort.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska passed the Decision on issuance of Thirty-Eighth Emission of Bonds of Republic of Srpska through Public Call in the amount up to BAM 35,000,000.00.

Pursuant to this Decision, it is planned to issue up to 35,000 bonds with a nominal value of 1,000 BAM, a maturity of seven years and an interest rate of 2.4% per year. The purpose of funds raised through the issue of long-term securities - bonds is to provide funds, in accordance with the 2020 Budget of the Republic of Srpska, within the framework of: Financing - Net borrowing, at the position 921000 - Receipts from long-term borrowing.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska adopted the Decision on long-term borrowing of the Republic of Srpska for 2020. The aforementioned decision stipulates that the funds may be obtained, inter alia, by the issuance of long-term securities.

The Government approved the Decision on allocation of funds for financing the work of representative offices of the Republic of Srpska abroad in 2020.

Representative Offices of the Republic of Srpska abroad are allocated funds in the total amount of BAM 4.800.000,00 for the purpose of performing their regular activities in 2020.

The funds are allocated in order to provide necessary preconditions for financing the regular activities of the representative offices, in order to improve the economic cooperation with the entities in the countries where representative offices are located as well as to attract foreign investments in Republic of Srpska.

The funds shall be allocated as follows: Representative Office in the Republic of Serbia -  800,000.00; Representative Office in the Federal Republic of Germany - 420,000.00; Representative Office in the Russian Federation - 920,000.00; Representative Office in the Kingdom of Belgium - 640,000.00; Representative Office in Israel - 300,000.00; Representative Office in the Republic of Austria - 700,000.00; Representative Office in the USA - 600,000.00; Representative Office in the Republic of Greece - 320,000.00.

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