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Press release following the 68th Government session


The Government of Republic of Srpska accepted the Proposal of the Rule by Decree on Amendments to the Law on Higher Education during the 68th regular session held in Banja Luka.

The proposed Amendments to the Law on Higher Education prescribes the possibility of postponing examination sessions and sets the manner of holding exams at higher education institutions under new circumstances, i.e. in an emergency situation and a state of emergency.

The Government submitted a proposal of this Rule by Decree to the President of the Republic of Srpska, in accordance with the constitutional competences. 

The Government Amendments to the Rules on Placement of Funds for Credit Line and Loans.

Investment-Development Bank of Republic of Srpska has expanded a range of products available for the economy and introduced a credit line for the purchase of receivables. According to the current Rules on Placement of funds for credit lines and loans, the eligible claims from this line are those receivables that potential beneficiaries claim from republic authorities and legal persons which founder is the Republic of Srpska which are partly or completely financed from  public revenues.

Taking into consideration the needs of the economy of Republic of Srpska and striving to mitigate the negative impact of coronavirus on the economy, it has been proposed to modify the Rules in the part that defines the purpose so that only the receivables that potential beneficiaries claim from the RS authorities and legal entities founded or in majority ownership by the Republic of Srpska and associated companies are eligible to be funded from this credit line.

The Government of Republic of Srpska passed the Decision on Adoption of the 2019-2029 Waste Management Plan.

Adoption of the 2019-2029 Waste Management Plan will contribute to the implementation of the Law on Waste Management and development and improvement of the waste management system of Republic of Srpska, which strategic framework has been established by the 2017-2026 Waste Management Strategy. This planning document will enable the implementation of the Strategy in question with particular reference to waste prevention measures that achieve environmental protection without disrupting economic development. Since the Law on Waste Management stipulates that joint and local waste management plans should be harmonized with the Plan on the RS level, this planning document is of utmost importance for the establishment and functioning of an efficient waste management system at the level of local self-government units.

The Government issued the Decision approving the Agricultural Projects Coordination Unit for placement of pipelines in the City of Bijeljina.

Within the framework of the IDP Agricultural Irrigation Development Project in Republic of  Srpska which is implemented through the Agricultural Coordination Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, project activities are underway to build an irrigation system in the Semberija area, in the village of Donje Crnjelovo covering 511 hectares.

The Government approved the Plan of Allocation of funds of the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports for the period of January 1 to June 30, 2020 in total amount of BAM 161,919.85.

The funds are allocated to subsidize the interest rate of housing loans for young people and young married couples in the amount of BAM 95,669.85, current grants for national sports awards of the Republic of Srpska in the amount of 60,000.00 and current grants to public interest associations in the amount of BAM 6,250.00.

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