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Meeting of the coordination team for the establishment of a unique monitoring system


​​The Ministry of Agriculture , Forestry and Water Management held a meeting of the Coordination Team for the establishment of a unique monitoring system, established by a decision of the Government of the Republic of Srpska in 2013., which consists of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Ministry of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology, “Waters of Srpska” and Republic Hydrometeorogical Institute, “Anti-hail preventive of Srpska” and the fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency of Republic of Srpska.

Purpose of the meeting was to regard the information about the current meteorological and hydrological situation and forecasts for the future. The meeting also discussed  information on the activities undertaken to implement development the plans of meteorological and hydrological network by Hydrometeorological Institute, Public institute "Waters of Srpska" and  "anti-hail preventive of  the Republic of Srpska" as well as the information on the measures taken to repair water facilities. The meeting concluded that the relevant institutions of the Republic of Serbian undertake necessary activities to protect the areas that are at risk from flooding, for what has been invested more than 34 million KM so far, and the effects of rehabilitation and construction of water management structures in Srpska are visible these days in the situation where increase in water levels of rivers occurred. In addition , it was concluded that the notable progress in the development of hydrological and meteorological networks by the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute ," Waters of Srpska ", " Anti-hail preventive of  Republic of Srpska " and that adequate human resources, technical and technological equipment of these institutions precondition for their effective action in the field of management and protection from natural disasters.

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