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Measures to overcome the effects of drought


​​​Weather conditions continue to negatively impact the agrarian sector of the Republic of Srpska as a whole. High air temperatures and lack of rainfall caused a lack of moisture in the soil, disturbances in physiological processes of cultivated plants, as well as intense attack of pests and diseases. The direct impact of drought is most prominent in the production of corn, soybeans, outdoor vegetables and in livestock production, while the indirect consequences of drought reflect in the reduced quality products in all branches of production, and the food which come from cattle is of questionable quality. In relation to this a team at the level of the RS Government was formed and is consisted  of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture , Forestry and Water Management , the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the Republic Administration therefor Republic Administration for Inspection has undertaken a number of activities:

1.Advisory Service of the Ministry will continuously monitor the situation of the ground and provide technical assistance to farmers to overcome the effects of drought.
2.The plan has been made for monitoring mycotoxins and  100 samples of cattle food was taken (corn silage) in all regions of the Republic of Srpska, which will be tested for the presence of aflatoxin.
3.Professional guidelines on measures against drought and risk of occurrence of aflatoxin and how to act against it were drafted and distributed to the producers.
4.Instructions on chemical treatment of crops were issued, where necessary, in order to fight off insects, especially mites, trips and western corn rootworms.
5.The health and safety of drinking water and food is being continuously verified, and adequate measures to protect the health of the population have been taken.

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