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Minister of Public Administration and Local Self- Government, Lejla Resic said that better utility and health service is secured for 17 000 citizens and certain source of income for about 105 agriculture holdings, owing to the non- refundable assets from the Financial mechanism for financing projects of integrated and sustainable development in Srpska.
She emphasized that projects were co- financed during the previous and current year, with the assets provided within the cooperation with Switzerland’s agency for the development and UNDP. The total amount was approximately 700 000 KM, which was distributed through previous year’s public call of the Investment-Development Bank.
“We find the importance in the encouragement of the activities of local communities in their strategic documents. In that way, we provide them with new work places, better services and quality of citizens’ life”, said Minister Resic.
She indicated that a larger number of local communities, around 48, applied for assignation of non- refundable assets from the Financial mechanism on current year’s public call to the local communities for submission of projects, which was closed on the 5th October.
Those projects will be realized this and next year, and their individual cost is between 50 000 KM and 100 000 KM
Resic added that 700 000 KM is estimated for the implementation of this projects, which is the amount same as last year.
The results of current year’s public call for the submission of the projects’ solutions for assignation of the assets form Financial mechanism for the financing projects of integrated and sustainable development should be announced on 15th November.

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