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Minister Resic visited Day care center for autism


The Minister of Public Administration and Local Self- Government of the Republic of Srpska, Lejla Resic, and Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Dragan Bogdanic, together visited the Day care center for autism in Banja Luka, due to 3rd December, the International Day of disabled persons.
Minister Resic said that she will make a suggestion for the Government of the Republic of Srpska, in order to help solving the transport problem of elderly users of the Day care center for autism.
“The Day care centers are highly important because they are probably the only places where parents can leave their children with special needs, while conducting other obligations.”, said Resic.
She added that the significance of these centers is that they provide the socialization for their users.
Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Srpska stated that in the next period, the Ministry will focus on determination of issues dealing with orthopedic equipment, which is one of the problems for the disabled persons. Bogdanic also said that the questions regarding procurement, quality and availability of orthopedic equipment will be solved in accordance with possibilities. He highlighted that the health insurance in the Republic of Srpska is available for the disabled persons, but there is space for the further improvement.
“The social community needs to involve in helping disabled persons, especially helping children with autism.”, said Bogdanic to the reporters in the Day care center in Banja Luka.
The Head of City’s department for social actions, Ljubinka Dragojevic, said that there are five day care centers for disabled persons in the area of Banja Luka. She also emphasized the importance to include the children with development disorders in educational system.
“The city has two centers for education: one is called “Zaštiti me” and the other is the center for children with hearing and speaking disability, which also involves children with higher level of damage. We tend to include the children with lower level of damage into the educational system which is inclusive.”, highlighted Dragojevic.
Vera Sladojevic, the director of the Center for social work in Banja Luka, also visited this Day care center.
The President of the Association for helping autistic persons “Djeca svjetlosti”, Mirjana Kojic, pointed out that one of the problems that they are experiencing is the transport of elderly users, which could be solved with a donation of a van. She added that the center has enough volunteers, but everyone, who is ready to help in the Day care center, is welcomed.

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